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interactieve installation  +/- 480 trophies 




As the uphill battle against impermanence continues, we fight to earn our mark in history. The aim is to be remembered.This tragicness is reflected in the sheer amount of trophies that stand. Stripped of value, their significance is lost in history through time. The evidence of success has turned into forgotten accomplishments. Why do we need to recognize and be recognized? 


As the installation stands: a huge growing blob of trophy’s on a floor, the tragic scene seems to shift to a sense of psychedelic absurdity. 


Consideration -Afweging 

Installation, 150 used but working scales


afweging - (consideration) 



Although adopted and rehabilitated, these scales remain charged material. Traces of use and connection to its former owners still visible. For years these Instruments stood obediently on peoples bathroom floors, their sole purpose; measuring. In each scale a personality is exposed, painful, crazy, jet charmingly beautiful. The question here is how and why do we reflected and consider ourselves in relation to the other? The bitter sweetness of this absurdity is revealed.  



Installation with mirrors


Installation work has stopped temporarily due to lack of space.

 “I don ’t look at EBay and see a collection of still lives,” William Cult said in his discussion about “social photography”


. .. but I do.. 


In these series I “borrowed” different foto’s selling caravans from Markplaats (something like eBay). Their initial job solely: a quick point of clarification for seller interest. In these images I recognize connection to previous relationships, functions and history. By taking the images out of their setting and placing them into an unconventional situation, as art, the image is redefined. In these pictures the beautiful mix of functional intimacy and sentimental value is mostly overlooked. Their fate uncertain, and most deleted after their selling purpose is served. By lifting them into an art form they skip their fate of vanishing, being lost for ever. Saving them is key, essential is the recognition of intimacy of the other involved. 


Caravan for sale 

4x foto print on aluminium

sizes variable


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